KCKPD ID Program

In the fall of 2021, the Department launched a free municipal Identification card in the hopes of paving the way for more residents to obtain housing, employment and vital services and benefits only accessible with a state-issued id card.

Many vulnerable residents of Kansas City, Kansas, such as the unhoused and victims of crime do not have state issued identification or the means necessary to obtain the documents to apply for one. The KCKPD ID includes the individual's legal name, photo, signature, date of birth, personal demographics and address or last know location, and, if applicable, Kansas State ID card number.

Only residents whose identity can be verified can be issued a KCK ID card. You must be an adult, documented resident of Kansas City, Kansas to apply. 

In partnership with the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) and the Department of Vital Statistics, the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is streamlining this normally difficult process. KDOR will be accepting the city issued ID as proof of identification, which will then allow a you to obtain a temporary one-year state issued ID card. With that temporary state ID card, you have one year to go to Vital Statistics to get a copy of your birth certificate. With the temporary state ID card and the official copy of their birth certificate, you are then able to get a copy of your social security card. After this process is complete, you may then go back to KDOR to get an official state ID. There will be a cost associated with applying for the temporary state ID card and official state ID card (the fee will be assessed by the state).

Schedule an appointment with Community Policing by calling (913) 573-6262 or email us.

Appointments are held at the Community Policing Office, 4951 State Ave., Kansas City, Kan., 66102.

We will confirm your identity utilizing police database information. Please, allow 2-3 weeks for most applicants. If we cannot verify, an ID will not be issued.

Approved individuals will pick up their IDs from the Community Policing Office. They may then schedule an appointment to pursue a state ID if they wish. KCK IDs are valid for one year.

NOTE: You must be an adult, documented resident of Kansas City, Kansas to apply.





Once a KCK ID has been issued, it may be used to apply for a one-year, temporary Kansas State ID from the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles, with the assistance of the Community Policing Office.

Once obtained, the temporary state ID will allow individuals to gain access to copies of documents such as a birth certificate and social security card and, ultimately, a an official Kansas State ID through the Kansas Department of Revenue.