Community Liaison

The KCKPD is constantly striving to create new opportunities for members of our community to meet their police officers face to face in a positive environment. But we also understand that engagement is a two-way street. As a Department we must make an effort to get out in our neighborhoods and extend ourselves beyond services calls.

Capt. Osvaldo Navarro leads those efforts as the KCKPD Community Liaison. If you have an event or group that you believe would benefit from a stronger connection with and understanding of the Department, we encourage you to reach out to him.

Here is a brief description of some of the Captain's initiatives designed to specifically engage with members of the KCK community:

Social Media

We are aware that language can often serves a barrier for members of our community who do not speak English. That is why this website offers a feature that translates the content into 12 different languages. The translation tab is located in the top righter of every page. Simply select your language and it instantly translates the page.

Some residents who don't speak English find that communicating via social media is often easier. If you do not speak English but have a general question or concern related to the department, crime, safety or concerning activity in your neighborhood, our social media manager encourages you to reach out via private message and while the response will not be instantaneous, you will receive a response in your spoken language. However, if you are in an emergency situation, please call 911.

Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers

This program was created to give law enforcement officers a basic understand and command of the Spanish language as it relates to their work. The classes cover specific calls for service that officers would be exposed to, such as domestic violence, traffic stops, and arrests. The goal for officers is that upon graduation they will feel comfortable enough with their Spanish skills to hold conversations and control situations until a trained interpreter can arrive on scene.  To date there has been 4 classes with a high rate of completion.

LA Hora Con El Capitan on Facebook

The first Wednesday of every month at 10 AM  “LA Hora Con El Capitan!” airs live on the KCKPD Facebook page. Capt. Navarro and his co-host, Wendy Media, supervisor, Victim Services, cover a variety of topics impacting residents in a Spanish-speaking format. The broadcast features guests from both the police department and community and offers viewers the opportunity to submit questions to be answered during the broadcast. 

This lively and informative program was created to engage Spanish-speaking residents and allow them the opportunity to have their voices heard in a way not previously available. Previous guests have included KCK Mayor Tyrone Garner, representatives from the the Mexican Consulate and the director of  KCK Animal Services. If you have a suggestion for a topic or guest, please reach out to Capt. Navarro at (913) 573-6277 or by email.

Community TIES with Capt. Navarro

Community TIES with Capt. Navarro is a video series that takes the Captain out into the neighborhoods of Kansas City, Kansas to highlight the great people, places and businesses that KCK unique and a great place to call home. You can find the latest episodes (complete with its hilarious blooper reel) on the KCKPD Facebook page and YouTube. If you have a suggestion for where you would like to see the Captain go next, email it to

Spanish Citizens Academy

Just like our traditional, long-running Citizens Police Academy, the FREE, eight-week class is designed for residents seeking better understanding of the basics of law enforcement and the policies and procedures of the KCKPD. The only difference is that this course is offered in Spanish.

The hope is that graduates will then share that knowledge with their neighbors in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the Hispanic community and police. Topics covered include Special Operations Unit, handgun safety, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and gang awareness,  

Applicants must be 18 years -old with no criminal record. A criminal history background checks are completed for all applicants. Resident status is not a factor. If you have questions about the academy, please contact Capt. Navarro at (913) 573-6277 or by email.

Please, check back for upcoming academy dates and registration.