The KCKPD Criminal Investigations Bureau is responsible for all investigations within the City of Kansas City, Kansas. The Bureau is comprised of three divisions: Investigations, Special Investigations and Animal Services.

Our goal is to aggressively investigate crime in an effort to create an environment where all individuals feel safe to live, work and play.

The commander of the Investigations Bureau is Lt. Col. Raymond Nunez. (see right)


This division is comprised of 27 detectives who investigate a wide variety of crimes from theft to homicide. In addition to investigating felony crimes detectives also conduct background investigations on potential new hires for the police department.

The division is comprised of the following units:

  • Major Case Unit: death investigations, homicide and robberies
  • Persons/Property Unit: persons, property, pawn shop/tow lot, traffic fatalities, animal cruelty and financial
  • Night Response Unit
  • CSI/Logistics and Finger Print Unit

Special Investigations

Special Investigations is comprised of the following units:

  • Special Investigations Unit: child abuse, adult sex crimes and missing persons
  • Narcotics: gang squad and violent crimes task force
  • Cold Case
  • Real Time Intelligence Crime Center (RTICC) - launching fall 2023!

Animal Services

Learn about Animal Services by visiting their sub-site here.