Pet Adoption


Our goal is to work with you to find the right pet for your family and lifestyle. Rescued pets can make great additions to your family. 


Start the Process

Step 1.Visit the website to find a pet you might connect with.  

Connect through the link to see what animals are available for adoption. 


Step 2.Find a match

Once you find a pet that you think you match with you can email us through petfinder or at

Make sure to include the Animal id to help us find you pick. 

Step 3.We will call you to schedule a visit

A staff member from Animal Services will contact you to verify you interest and schedule a time for you to come in and meet the pet. 

If after the visit you are ready to adopt it just takes a valid driver's license, fee payment, and a bit of paperwork. 



Type  Fees 
Dogs  $85
Cats  $40



Adoption Fees include spay/neuter, vaccinations & microchip. 

Payment option include cash, Check, Debt, Credit