Officer Wellness Program

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is dedicated to the safety and wellness not only of our community, but to our officers and professional staff, as well. Formally launched in 2020, the Wellness Program serves to promote the four pillars of wellness - physical, mental, financial, and spiritual - of both sworn and professional staff. While the program exists to serve all employees, it recognizes that sworn officers face unique challenges in all these areas due to the volatile nature of their jobs.

Good mental and psychological health is just as essential as good physical health for law enforcement officers to be effective in keeping communities safe from crime and violence. The KCKPD believes investing in officer wellness, also helps improve trust and community relations because evidence shows the individual actions of police officers have the greatest impact on a community’s perception of police. In turn, this leads to more positive community contacts, fewer negative interactions, and less stress, ultimately resulting in increased job satisfaction and a higher quality work environment. 

The full-time program coordinator schedules wellness checks, provides training on stress and fitness for duty, and develops activities based on the four pillars. Below is a list of initiatives and programs facilitated through the Wellness Program:

Comfort K9

Hailey - KCKPD Comfort Dog

In 2020 the KCKPD was the first department in the Metro to add comfort dogs to its ranks when they adopted two dogs from its Animal Services Unit, Hailey and Charley. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, law enforcement reports higher rates of PTSD, anxiety, depression and burnout. as well as relieve tension and stress after traumatic situations. Comfort dogs are one more tool many departments are now using to help reduce those factors.

While Charley recently left the department when his handler made a move, Hailey remains. Hands down, the most popular staffer in the Chief's Office, Hailey makes frequent visit to patrol stations, divisions, dispatch and even makes the occasional personal appearance at community events. Wherever she goes, her gentle personality never ceases to lift spirits and create smiles. She also makes appearances at the department's numerous community engagement events, so if you'd like to meet her in person, be sure to check out our event calendar.

Cordico Wellness App

To proactively address the mental health challenges faced by first responders, the Unified Government launched a customized, confidential wellness app for public safety personnel and their families. Powered by Cordico, the leader in public safety wellness technology, the app includes a wellness toolkit addressing 60 behavioral health topics such as fatigue, suicide prevention and alcohol abuse, mental health self-assessments, and videos and guides on yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and more. It provides confidential, 24/7 access to ensure they have the resources they need in their most difficult moments – on or off-duty.


Mentorship Program

This program pairs academy recruits with experienced patrol officers to help them transition into the profession.

Peer Support

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 plays an important role in the wellness of sworn officers through its Peer Support Team. Peer Support’s mission is to support the officers, detectives, and sergeants of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department in maintaining their mental health and personal well-being by connecting trained peer supporters who have similar experiences with those that are exposed to traumatic events. For more information on FOP Lodge #4, visit their website.

Chaplains Association

KCKPD is fortunate to have eight chaplains representing various faiths who, among other duties, provide officers with emotional and spiritual support.  Officer wellness is not just a program, but also a culture within the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department and our chaplains play an important role.