Foster a Pet

Fostering saves lives!

Kansas City, Kansas Animal Services is dedicated to caring for for pets in need. Fosters play an important role in helping us provide the best care possible for homeless pets. They not only provide a safe home and loving care, but provide us valuable information regarding the pet’s personality so that a good match can be made at adoption time.

We provide all veterinary care and supplies so that there is no cost to the foster while the pet is their home.

Sleepy foster snoozing.jpgThere are various reasons a pet may need a foster:

  • to allow time to grow or gain weight prior to spay/neuter or other surgical procedures
  • recovery from an injury or surgery
  • lack of shelter space
  • or simply a "vacation" from shelter life for long-term residents or those simply needing some additional socialization

There are also times when we need "Super Fosters" who are willing to provide loving care to a mom with litters of puppies or kittens. 

If you think you might be open to becoming a foster, we urge you to complete this simple, on-line application. Once it has been submitted, please allow time for review.


There are only a few requirements to be considered for fostering:

  • Fosters must live within an hour from our facility.
  • Preference will be given to Kansas residents.
  • All animals that live in the home with you must be spayed/neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.
  • KCK residents must be compliant with all Chapter 7 city ordinances and have a current city license for each pet they own.

What does a foster parent do?

The purpose of foster care is to provide a safe home for rescue pets until the right forever home is found. Some reasons that a pet may need a foster are: to allow time to grow or gain weight prior to spay/neuter or other surgical procedure; recovery from an injury or surgical procedure; lack of shelter space; and as a "vacation" from shelter life for long-term residents. Fosters also provide valuable information regarding the pet’s personality so that a good match can be made at adoption time.

How long will the foster pet stay with me?

Some pets are able and ready to be adopted sooner than others - it could be as little as a week or several weeks. We need committed fosters who will keep a pet as long as it takes for them to find their forever home.

Do I need to be home all day in order to foster?

No. Unless you are fostering a pet that needs bottle feeding or has critical health needs, your foster should be able to stay home during your work day just like any other pet.

Do I have to pay for everything myself?

No!  KCKAS will provide you with everything you need: food, bowls, collars/leashes, crates, etc. We also cover the costs of all veterinary care including  prescriptions, vaccines, etc.

Isn’t it hard to let go of a foster after getting attached?

It is never easy to let a pet go, but knowing that you have helped them along the path to finding a forever home, eases that transition. Visit our Facebook page and you will see photos posted every week featuring our pets and their adoptive families. The smiles on their faces are truly heartwarming.  

Am I allowed to adopt my foster pet?

Of course! It is lovingly called “foster failure” and it happens!

Can I foster if I already own a pet?

Absolutely! Before you bring a foster animal home, you will need to make sure your own pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations. It’s also important to carefully consider how your current pet will do with a new family member. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can offer suggestions on how to best introduce a foster to your current pet or pets. 

How do I give fostering a try?

Complete the application, it is free to apply! Our staff will then contact you to discuss what type of foster might be a good for your home and answer any additional questions you may have.