Victim Services

The mission of our unit is to empower crime victims by providing the tools needed to overcome the trauma of victimization. We work to inform victims of their rights and advocate for those rights to be upheld. In doing so, we respect and encourage each person’s right to make his or her own informed decisions as they navigate the criminal justice system. Victim Services is proactive in reaching out to victims in the community through education and awareness activities. Additionally, we provide support to the emergency first responders of Wyandotte County to enhance services to victims.

On Scene Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention, criminal justice support and advocacy at crime scene locations is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.



Court Advocacy

Crime victims may choose to have a victim advocate with them during court hearings and law enforcement interviews.





Advocates evaluate victims’ individual needs and provide assistance locating appropriate medical, psychological and social services.


Crime Victim Compensation

Assistance is provided to help victims apply for compensation, which can include medical bills, funeral expenses, counseling or loss of wages.





Bus vouchers are available to victims who do not have access to transportation to needed victim services.




Education and Outreach

Community presentations are available regarding crime victimization, victim’s rights and services available. 


Bilingual Services

A Spanish speaking advocate and written project material are available. 




Case Information and Advocacy

Victims are given information regarding the status of their police investigation and victim compensation.




Community Resources

Order Of Protection Office: (913) 573-5153

Domestic Violence Hotline: (913) 321-0951

MOCSA Metropolitan Organization to Combat Sexual Assault

MOCSA Hotline: (913) 531-0233