Report Illegal Drug Activity

Illegal drug activity has a negative impact on the safety and quality of life of our community. If you believe that if you leave drug dealers alone, they will leave you alone, you are wrong. Those who traffic drugs not only attract other criminals into your neighborhood, but are usually heavily armed. That creates a real safety risk because when disturbances occur at drug houses, guns are part of the mix. By not reporting them, you put yourself, neighbors and any other innocent bystander in the area, at risk.

What type of activity is common at a drug house? Here are some of the signs that may indicate drugs are being sold from of a residence: 

  • Lots of different people come and go to and from the house.
  • People come and go at odd times of the day or night.
  • Windows are covered with dark curtains.
  • Strange chemical smells emanated from the property.
  • People hang out in or around the property at odd hours.
  • Unusual traffic patterns of cars pulling in, stopping, and leaving quickly.
  • A sudden increase in criminal activity.

Landlords should also be aware of these signs. Illegal activity at one of your properties could also cause issues for you. Please make sure you inform police of any concerns you may have and cooperate with ongoing investigations.

Information to gather before you call. Details are important to any investigation and will allow for a more swift response. You don't have to have all of the following information to submit a tip, but be mindful this is the information detectives will find most helpful:

  • The address, dates, and times of the activity.
  • Vehicle identification such as style, make, color, and license plate number.
  • Description of individuals such as race, height, weight, gender, etc.
  • Describe the type of activity you witnessed.
  • Indicate whether any weapons were visible.