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Juvenile Engagement Officer


  • Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader Program- This initiative was designed to engage with children and inspire them to learn. Once a month, COPPS and MPS officers respond to Parker Elementary School and read from selected books to the Kindergarten, First and Second grade students. The selected reading always supported whatever character trait the school was teaching for that month. These sessions usually last about ½ hour, and always end with a question and answer session.


  • Summer Job Program – This teen program is designed to be a initial stepping stone toward a career in public service. These juveniles are expected to be a community role model and exemplify the high ethical and moral standards set by the police department while participating in law enforcement observations and supporting sworn and non-sworn members of the KCKPD.  This program is limited to High School students in good standing.


  • Distracted Driving Simulator (Pedal Karts)- The Distracted Driving Program gives youth the opportunity to drive a pedal car through a coned course, while wearing various goggles that impair vision.  The program shows youth, through manipulation their vision, how dangerous it is to drive while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  With this program, we also utilize the goggles to have youth do other activities (shooting a basketball, bean bag toss, Etc.) to show them how drugs and alcohol effect their ability to complete different tasks.  This program gives COPPS the opportunity to get into the schools or events to interact with youth through a fun, yet educational, way.


  • COPPS Christmas Program- This program help provide gifts to children and provided a meal for all of the children’s families. The program also provides several hundred dollars’ worth of groceries for several families. This is achieved because of the generosity of community members, coupled with the task oriented and focus driven work product of the Community Policing Officers who participated in this endeavor.


  • C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. (Children Having Activities and Meeting Police In Our Neighborhoods) Program- An assortment of sports balls was placed into for Community Policing, District Cars, and other selected vehicles for an initiative designed to engage kids in the community. The balls are a way for an officer to begin building positive relationships with kids in the neighborhoods by starting a “Pick-Up” game or simply playing catch. This gives an officer(s) the option of positively interacting with kids, other than thru a call-for-service type scenario.


  • B.O.S.S. (Being of Sound Standards) Program- It is recognized that some of the children who are at risk for engaging in negative behaviors do so as a result of negative influences or perceptions in that child's early life. Desiring to make a change, Officer Lee contacted the school administrators for one of the grade schools within his area, and arranged to form a mentoring program with a group of 5th grade students who were regularly receiving negative attention at school. Officer Lee met with these children in the school gymnasium every Monday morning and discussed life skills and hurdles, and offered guidance and positive encouragement. He was able to make these concepts resound with the children by drawing parallels between life events and decisions and relating these topics to sports. The results of this program have led to it being expanded. Next year, B.O.S.S. will be in place at J.F.K. and also at Emerson Elementary.


  • P.O.P. (Police Over Pizza) - As a means of reaching out to kids who are having difficulty adjusting or who may otherwise not be fully prepared to enter middle school, COPPS Officers began going to Turner Early Learning Center and having lunch with a group of children who are selected by the school administration and discussing current events, as well as life lessons. This program usually occurs on Fridays, which is typically pizza day. District Officers have also been included, and the Chief of Police attended one session.



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