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Records Unit

The Records Unit is the depository for all original police reports. These include offense reports, vehicular accident reports, tow-in reports, and all additional reports completed by Patrol and Investigative officers. These reports are processed, indexed and archived for permanent storage. The unit is also responsible for entering, updating, validating, and cancellation of all reported statistical and criminal history information provided to metro area, state, and federal Criminal History Record Information databases. The unit also disseminates the departmental mail and information received from tele-communication links.

The unit will provide copies of all reports ($5.00 per offense or accident report), criminal history record checks containing only conviction data ($10.00) and motor vehicle driving records ($6.00 and you must present your Driver's License and may not request another person's Driving Record). Crime scene and accident scene photos, if available, can be special ordered (25.00 per CD containing the requested Photos) as well as videotapes ($25.00 per videotape). NOTE* Criminal Investigation information as well as photos and videotapes pertaining to a case are not open public record and can only be obtained by court subpoena and/or court order.  Special reports/studies can also be arranged ($25.00 for special reports, fee can also be determined by length of time spent completing the study). Crime information may be obtained for a particular district (Per district fees and 1 year time periods may apply).  Persons needing fingerprints taken for employment or other purposes pay for this service ($5.00 per card) at the counter and then are processed through the nearby Crime Scene Investigation Unit. Fingerprinting for Business Licenses is handled seperately.  These fees are set by city ordinance.

In order to request a copy of a Police Report you may respond in person to Police Headquarters (Records Unit) located at 700 Minnesota or may follow this link to request a report on line: ONLINE REPORTS

The Records Unit is also a key contact point for citizens who are seeking information about reported incidents or crime or who need to obtain services provided by other units or personnel within the Police Department. The unit is open daily from 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday (closed on weekends and holidays). The Records Unit can be reached by calling (913) 573-6100 or FAX to (913)573-6149.


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