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School Resource

The School Resource Officer program is a program where a full time law enforcement officer in assigned to high schools located throughout Kansas City, Kansas.  The goal of the program is to help create and maintain a Safe Learning Environment for students, teachers and staff. Through the implementation of this program our officers utilize a superior Community Policing philosophy. Our School Resource Officer Program (SRO) represents a specialized approach providing evidence of our Community’s desire to ensure that a safe and secure learning environment exists in all of our schools. 

Our School Resource Officers are a valuable resource not only to their assigned schools but to every school in the Piper, Turner and Kansas City Kansas School Districts.


The SROs receive specialized training to fulfill four basic roles:

·       The SRO is a proactive law enforcement officer dealing with law related issues on campus.
·       The SRO provides students with a positive role model, and a balanced realistic view of law enforcement.
·       The SRO serves as an educational resource for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. The SRO goes into the classroom as a guest instructor to teach law-related topics.
·       The SRO is a member of the administrative team, assisting in solving problems and serving on the school's crisis management team.

The "Promise" of our SRO program is to provide a strategy to enable our Community to address school issues by utilizing both prevention and intervention techniques.  Having SROs in our schools is designed to help reduce and prevent problems from occurring in the first place. However, if and when problems do arise, SRO’s can immediately intervene to address whatever the issue. The result is a safer and more secure school for students, teachers and staff attending Schools throughout Kansas City, Kansas. The entire Community benefits as well because learning is more likely to occur in this type of an environment.

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