In case of emergency Dial 911
Non-emergency calls: (913) 596-3000

Property Unit

The goal of the  Property Unit is to locate, identify and recover property stolen or illegally obtained in a criminal act, whether or not it is taken locally or from another jurisdiction and to apprehend and arrest those persons wanted in connection with the taking of said property. The unit focuses on Burglary, Theft (including vehicle theft), Fraud/Forgery and the possession, purchasing, or receiving of stolen property.

The Fraud/Forgery Detail is responsible for the investigation of "con-games", forgeries, credit card theft/fraud, cell phone cloning, identity theft, and white collar internet related crimes including auction and pyramid schemes.

The Pawn Shop detail is responsible for the inspection of every pawn shop in the city on a daily or near-daily basis. The pawn shop detective is also responsible for the inspection of scrap yards; the purpose of which is to inspect and recover precious metals and other stolen materials. The pawn shop detective works hand in hand with investigators sharing information concerning stolen property and the identity of perpetrators.


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